Author & Project

Jens Oehlschlägel is a psychologist and Ph.D. statistician who has programmed computers since 1977. He has worked in different roles and industries, including 10 years as Data Scientist at McKinsey. Jens has done innovative work in psychological testing (Frankfurter Aufmerksamkeits-Inventar), statistical software (bit, bit64, ff) and cluster-analysis meta-algorithms ( Since 2011 Jens is a member of the ACM, works as a database architect and devotes his spare time to the greeNsort® project.

For more details, illustrations and measurement results see the greeNsort® Innovation-Report and Code at For further information consult For news please follow us on twitter at @greeNsort_algos, or if twitter goes bankrupt, on mastodon at .

greeNsort® is a protected trademark and may not be used without permission. For free open-source software there will be a self-certification program, that will allow those projects to promote their use of greeNsort® algorithms. Beyond the self-certification program, for consulting or certification with the greeNsort® brand or logo, please contact us by mail at consulting[at] or certification[at] .