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Benefits of greeNsort®

Save hardware and make software more energy-efficient by switching to sustainable greeNsort®, without re-coding from scratch.

Why is greeNsort®? needed?

Software is eating the world and uses more and more energy, and the world is heating. Ubiquitous tasks such as sorting waste lots of memory and energy. They use too many too expensive operations on too much hardware. In the climate crisis we need to reduce

How does greeNsort® work?

greeNsort® brings energy savings to billions of IT devices without needing new ones (using existing devices longer is more sustainable than producing new ones)

greeNsort® brings energy savings to thousands of softwares without needing to re-code them (improving central components is economic, re-writing efficient software would be good but is expensive)

greeNsort® reduces hardware requirements and electricity consumption of fundamental algorithms (sorting is the most fundamental software algoritm, even more important than hashing)

greeNsort® is based on historical-thinking, computational-thinking and data-centric-thinking and perhaps greeNsort® influences the processing-memory ratio in future hardware architectures1.

greeNsort® is risk-free, quick and cheap!

greeNsort® has successfully developed sustainable algorithms over the last 10 years. A relevant fraction of the greeNsort® savings can be realized just by pluging-in these algorithms into the central sorting libraries of the 15 most important programming languages.

greeNsort® can provide huge savings!

The annual worldwide savings potential of greeNsort® algorithms is 51.3 TWh resp. 30.3 MtCO2e, this corresponds to 4.3 large-scale power plants2 or a public value of 7.1 Billion EUR.3

greeNsort® needs support!

In order to realize the savings the know-how (and code) needs to be free (open-source): greeNsort® has no business model and gets no research funding and hence needs help. If you are a government, a foundation, a cloud-provider or a philanthropic sponsor looking for a climate-protection-opportunity with huge impact and good ROI: please see Next Steps and provide financial help. If you are in the software business and want to help with implementing algorithms for particular programming languages or can influence improvments of standard libraries: please see Actions.

  1. see also “HCDA: From Computational Thinking to a Generalized Thinking Paradigm”↩︎

  2. 12 TWh/year is the average size of a Nuclear Power Station↩︎

  3. The combined value of electricity and cost of greenhouse gas based on projections of the Lean ICT Report March 2019, see also the greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator↩︎

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