The greeNsort® brand name and logo is a protected trademark. In order to advertise your software with the greeNsort® brand, we offer two programs, Self-certification and External certification.


greeNsort self-certification logo

You may decorate your software with the above greeNsort® self-certification logo if all of the following conditions apply:

Notification API

**Request for comments: we plan the following API, please give feedback on this at feedback[at]

Our algorithms are free, but please inform us if you use them in production by sending an email with the subject “just-using” or “self-certify” to notify[at] Please start the email with this header-row


and then provide one or more rows with the following comma-separated fields in the body of the email:

External certification

greeNsort brand logo

Use of the greeNsort® brand logo requires external certification. Note that for non-open-source software self-certification is not available, non-open-source software requires external certification. For an external certification please contact us at certification[at] .

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greeNsort brand logo

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