But you seem to be celebrating the fact that nobody writes technical CS history at all anymore. — Donald Knuth1

Computer scientists have lost interest in preserving the intellectual heritage of their own discipline. — Thomas Haigh2

2024 February: Public Release

Press releases written for




2023 September: Analysis of long-record sorting

Implementing various methods for sorting matrices as an example of sorting long records with short keys, see MKnuthsort, NKnuthsort, MFrogsort2 and NFrogsort2. Empirical debunking of an unscientific review by SPRIND using hard data on Quicksorts and sorting long records.

2023 March: Update of Innovation-report to SPRIND

Adding Peeksort and Powersort and AMD-measures.

2022 August: Innovation-report to SPRIND

Description of all innovations accompanied by measurements on a Intel CPU (170 pages).

2022 April: Quicksort for presorted data

New simple algorithms Ducksort and DucksortB not unlike Zucksort but also adaptive to presorted data.

2022 February: Improved measurement of code sections

Our Footprint KPIs to pragmatically measure the greenness of code sections can enhance the Software Carbon Intensity (SCI) specification of the Green Software Foundation (GSF).

2021 September: Partial sorting

The advantages of *Zacksort and *Zucksort over *Quicksort2 have been transferred to partial sorting (*Zackpartial and *Zuckpartial over *Quickpartial). *Zackselect and *Zuckselect over *Quickselect exists since 2016. Furthermore the sections economics, funding, politics are newly organized.

2021 April: Measurements added

Multithreaded energy-measurements have been added to the results section and new subsection on funding and attracting talent and this news section added.

2021 March: Multithreaded Quicksort

Multithreading of same quality has been implemented forQuicksort2.

2021 February: Multithreaded Frogsorts

Fully balanced multithreaded Divide and multithreaded Conquer has been implemented for Mergesort, Frogsort0, Frogsort1, Frogsort2 and Frogsort3.

2020 November: Languages & actions

Some important programming languages have been analyzed and the actions section has been added.

2020 October: Bi-directionally adaptive algorithms

Octosort, Squidsort1 and Squidsort2 have been designed, implemented, measured and compared against Timsort.

2020 July: Glossary added

The glossary went online.

2020 May: Website launch

Launch of this website.

2019 - 2020: Measurement and documentation

Measuring timing and footprint, measuring energy and eFootprint, vignettes and website preparation.

2016 - 2018: Narrowing the solution space

Final terminology, final testbed, standardized re-implementations.

2012 - 2015: Widening the solution space

Literature review, many experimental implementations, internal technical report, terminology shaping

2011: Project launch

Leaving McKinsey, ensure time budgets, secure logo and word mark, writing first paper shared with a trusted party.

2010: Initial idea

First Frogsort0 prototype (originally named ‘Stabsort’).

  1. Let’s Not Dumb Down the History of Computer Science, 2014 Kailath Lecture↩︎

  2. The Tears of Donald Knuth↩︎

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