This greeNsort® report describes the innovations of the greeNsort® project more detailed than the greeNsort® article: the role of symmetry in divide&conquer sorting algorithms. The report describes the motivation for the greeNsort® project and the greeNsort® perspective on innovation. It defines a taxonomy for the innovations, describes and classifies them and clarifies the dependencies between those innovations (and to prior art). After introducing innovative techniques and measurement methods, the report dives into Quicksorts and develops the new Zacksorts, dives into Mergesorts and develops the new Frogsorts and algorithmic variations thereof, and finally transfers the learnings to stable partitioning algorithms. The report then expands on parallel and incremental sorting, before discussing the potential impact of these innovations. The report closes with Conclusion&Outlook, which also serve as summary of the summaries of the covered sections. The appendix contains several glossaries and bibliography.

Note that despite its length, the report is still giving parsimonious description of the greeNsort® innovations written for subject matter experts – (P)erson (H)aving (O)rdinary (S)kill (I)n (T)he (A)rts (PHOSITAs) – in the art of sorting. In case of doubt consult the C-code. A textbook is being prepared for teaching students that does not require any specialist knowledge.

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